Friele Breakfast Coffee Catering, Extra Fine, 8x1 kg

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8 x 1000 g
(Total = 8 Kg)

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• Rich coffee with a long aftertaste
• Extra finely ground coffee for fully automatic coffee machines
• Norway's largest coffee brand
• Degree of burn: Medium burnt
• Bean type: Arabica

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Friele Frokostkaffe is our flagship, and Norway's largest coffee brand.
Friele Frokostkaffe is a high-quality coffee blend, with coffee from Brazil and a number of other coffee-producing countries. Together they provide the familiar blend of balance and harmony. Friele Frokostkaffe has been on the Norwegian market since 1938, and is described as a full-bodied coffee with a long and pleasant aftertaste. Here as 8x1000g pk in Xfin paint grade, adapted to large, fully automatic machines for Franke X-XL

This is a blend
A blend is a harmonious mixture of several types of coffee beans from different regions and countries. A coffee producer develops blends for a more complex and intricate taste experience. To create a specific flavor profile, coffee beans from different regions are therefore mixed together, all of which have their own unique taste. Our tasting team ( cuppers in the technical language) tests blends and new batches of coffee every single day. A cupper must have a very well-developed sense of taste, which through years of training can detect even the smallest deviations from the quality requirements.

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